You probably want to start planning your paddling vacation in Sweden already at home. We selected some routes for canoe paddling in Dalsland, that suite best for different time periods. We will always help you with putting together a final route, once you get to our rental station. This means, that you don’t have to do all route planning beforehand. Rather take the routes below as inspiration and ideas.

There are DANO nature camps to be found for all of the recommended trips. Please find more information about the DANO nature camps in the link below. Locks are generally open between June and August. If locks are closed, you can pass them by using your boat cart. Please find more information about the locks and the opening times in the links below.


Lake Lelång

1 – 5 Days

You start from the Bootshaus and paddle north on lake Lelång. The length of the route you decide for yourself before heading on the way back. Take the opportunity to take a short break on the island Grean with its fine sandy beaches, before returning again. Beware that most of the smaller islands is a bird sanctuary.

Portages: –
Locks: –

Kayak Paddler at lake in Dalsland

Lelång – Svärdlång – Västra Silen – Lelång

4 – 6 Days

You are heading south and follow Dalslands Canal. In the lake Laxsjön you follow the left hand shore line until it turns sharp north. A portage will bring you to lake Svärdlång. This is a long and narrow lake that you follow north. Then you make a lift over to lake Västra Silen. Here you follow the western shore until you reach the canal that leads to the lock in Gustavsfors. From here you just paddle south on Lake Lelång until you reach Bengtsfors and Bootshaus.

Length: 65 km/ca 4-5 days
Portages: Skåpafors 500 m, Skifors 150 m
Locks: 6


6 – 8 Days

You are heading north from Bootshaus on lake Lelång. A lock with three levels will bring you to lake Foxen, where four lakes meet. You are following the eastern shoreline until you get to a number of small lakes that lead you down to lake Lelång after some time. In lake Lelång you head down south, back to our rental station.

Length: ca 90 km / 6-8 days
Portages: 3-5, 1-2 km each
Locks: 3


10 – 12 Days

The route leads from the Bootshaus rental south on the Dalsland Canal. After the aqueduct in Håverud, turn north into Ånimmen and lake Ärr. Here is the longest lift to Lake  Knarrbysjö. You continue north into Edslan. About one kilometer before Edslans northern end you will find next lift onto the left side where you put over in lake Limmen. Paddle straight west and you will find the lift to Östra Silens southern edge. Here goes the way north and then west into Västra Silen. Paddle north on the western seaside and then pass into the canal to Gustavsfors. In lake Lelång you paddle south. For this tour you need one canoe cart per boat.

Length: 130 km/10-12 days
Start/ End: Bootshaus/Dals Ed
Lift: Fengersfors 3 km, Edsleskog 2 km, 
Edslan-Limmen 2 km, Limmen-Ö Silen 700 m
Locks: 20