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As you begin to plan your kayaking vacation in Dalsland, we suggest you consider the following things:

  • Do I have a suitable map to plan ahead?

  • What clothing and accessories should I pack?

  • What rules apply when I camp in the nature?

  • Is fishing allowed?

You will find the answers to these questions here on this site.

Maps & Guiding books

If you understand Swedish, we recommend the book Paddla i Dalsland. Here you will find recommended tours with very detailed information. As an alternative, we recommend the booklet Canoe Country available in different languages. Even this booklet contains additional information about kayaking and Dalsland. If you are just looking for a good map, Calazos Map of Dalslands Kanal is the map you want to get.



  • sleeping bag

  • sleeping mat

  • raincoat

  • rain pants

  • warm sweater

  • trousers

  • shorts

  • socks

  • underwear

  • long underwear

  • T-shirts

  • sunhat

  • boots

  • swimwear

  • towel

  • hygiene products

  • environmentally soap

  • sandals

  • cutlery

  • knife

  • plate

  • mug

  • flashlight

  • sunglasses

  • personal medicine


  • tent

  • cooking sets

  • fuel

  • frying pan

  • map

  • compass

  • SPF

  • mosquito repellent

  • lighters

  • First-aid kit

  • toilet paper

  • garbage bags

  • repair tape

  • mobile phone


  • pillow

  • fishing equipment

  • neopren socks

  • paddle gloves

  • a book

  • mobile charger

  • binoculars

  • tarpaulin

  • ax or saw



Free camping is allowed in many places in Sweden. But be aware that there are many limitations. In Dalsland, it is for example not allowed to make a campfire anywhere you want in the nature. Even if you are a group larger than five people, you are required to use the official camp sites in the region. The Nature Card gives you access to these campsites with toilets, firewood, shelter, access to garbage containers and more.

By purchasing the Nature Card, you will help to protect and preserve the area. The money goes to development and maintenance of the camp sites, compensations for the landowners, wood, garbage collection and preservation of our nature. The cost per card is 40 SEK / person and day if you rent a canoe from us and 60 SEK / person and day if you have your own canoe.



It is allowed to fish if you have a fishing license. But there are local restrictions that is mentioned on the fishing license you can buy from us. The fishing license is paid per boat and the cost is 50 SEK / day or 200 SEK / week.